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2018 German Warmblood Mare 


From a Grandprix damline with enough quality for the Grandprix rider and enough rideability for the leisure amateur!


This mare really is a dream!

Standing at a lovely - A splendid 2018 born German Warmblood mare who is dressed in a gleaming glossy chestnut coat.


It really is hard to believe from seeing this wonderful mares video that she is only ridden for the 9th time under saddle! 


Honestly the BEST rideability you will find!  Proving to be absolutely delightful under saddle; Easy and light in the snaffle bridle, incredibly comfortable and showing TOP level qualities already - forward thinking, off the leg and easy to collect and ‘close’.

She boasts superior hind leg activity, that likely comes from her jumping influence in the damline, and she shows incredible balance, considering her greeness, with self cadence that you can only find in GP prospects.


If you are an amateur you can confidently know you are giving yourself the opportunity to produce an exciting prospect which is safe and sane for their age and if you are a GP rider or a producer you will certainly find this mare a very sound investment for the future.


Her pedigree is World Class as expected and Isebella Rose herself comes from a GP damline - her Half sister is competing at Grandprix.

Stallions in her pedigree include - 














A truly delightful mare that we are incredibly confident will fulfil all of her new owners wishes and with uncapped ability surely make it to a decent level in the sport.  We cannot wait to follow her progress! 


2017 Hanoverian Mare by Gandhi 

Excited to add this extremely delightful 4yo Hanoverian mare by Gandhi (Gribaldi x Deniro) to our Spring collection.

Geneviève can be considered an exciting prospect for Grandprix level. A leggy, modern and uphill mare standing at a nice 1.69m. An outstanding type as reflected by her impressive dressage genetics.


Undersaddle she is still green as expected for her age (backed in very late last year) but has super rideability - easy in the snaffle and should be considered for the capable amateur with the help of a trainer but already as mentioned a professional should certainly see her as an investment for the future for top level.

She is light footed and elegant, showing natural ability for collection and boasts a dynamic rhythm that will enable her to more easily learn the more advanced movements such as passage etc.


She has a very interesting pedigree - Her damline carries relatives with results upto 1.60m showjumping & PSG whilst her her sire Gandhi is best described as a ‘jewel in a dark brown jacket’. The audience at the 2012 Oldenburg stallion licensing confirmed this with their applause and enjoyment of his showing. Gandhi has good type and quality movements with superior genes! Gandhi presented himself exceptionally well during his 30-days-test. With his paces (walk: 8.0 and trot: 8.5) and his rideability (8.13) he showed off his potential. He was rewarded with a dressage breeding value of 131 and with this result he is in the TOP 10 nationwide for dressage breeding sires. Gandhi's sire is the star producer Gribaldi, the sire of countless top horses such as the phenomenal Totilas, who is the first dressage horse to break past the magical score of 90% in the Kur. Totilas is a World Cup victor and the current World Games and European Championships gold medal champion. Gandhi is also well verified through his dam line. His dam, New Generation III, is the daughter of the successful Grand Prix stallion, De Niro, who can look back on over 70 licensed sons in his breeding career. De Niro's offspring are sought after worldwide and are successful everywhere.


Geneviève has an exciting future in the sport of Dressage and possibly as part of a breeding programme.

Contact us for her price. Transport Worldwide available. 



A handsome glossy Bay 7yo Hanoverian Gelding who stands at 1.65m.


This incredibly handsome and well put together 7yo is suitable for a capable amateur looking for a safe and capable prospect to take up through to higher levels or ultimately more than capable of a horse for the producer/professional that wants a sound investment with a horse that shows alot of potential for the demanding movements at the higher levels.


Quebec has always ridden by our resident amateur rider who produced him herself.

He is a quick learner and is super easy and calm, non spooky, very rideable and comfortable. He really is the dream to ride! Oh and doesn't mind umbrellas for a rainy day as shown in the video!

He shows alot of potential for collected work and with his trainability could also easily learn piaffe passage etc.


His attitude makes him super accommodating and forgiving for amateur riders, yet he is forward and trainable enough for the professional to ask him more demanding questions.

Has been placed as a 5yo at 2nd level, please remember that Coronavirus has put a big halt on outings so he has been unshown since but has maintained his work level and education and is ready to get back out competing.

In our opinion this is a horse to develop through to more advanced work, and was not for the short term young horse classes. A great prospect.


So if you want a horse thats a pleasure to have on the yard in every respect, is easy and straight forward and incredibly charming, has a great attitude towards his work and loves to learn, is super handsome and well bred then DO NOT pass on Quebec. He really is the absolute dream!


2018 Westphalian Gelding 

‘King’ boasts excellent rideability FAR superior to most horses of a comparable age - Ridden for just 6 weeks and already shows maturity and super trainability. Shown in his video being ridden outside and alongside fast moving traffic.

A genuine and extremely enjoyable horse to produce. One for an ambitious amateur to enjoy the exciting journey up through the levels or for a producer or professional top purchase as an investment due to his qualities and super vet check.


King is a rising 3yo Westphalian gelding that stands at 1.65m but can easily carry a taller rider also.

He is friendly and SUPER easy & well mannered in all respects for his age and we would challenge anyone that meets him to not want to load him up and take him home.


He has 3 good gaits - Elastic and elevated, providing him with great promise for Dressage in future. This guy has springs in his heels and shows promise with his natural movement for more established movements when he gets to a serious level in the sport. He has lovely self carriage and considering he is only under saddle for not even two months he shows a more than respectful amount of balance. He is lovely in the hand - forward and willing to work with a lovely polite way of going. As you can see in his video - he really is something special!

He takes the whole World in his stride so producing him is a complete joy.


A very special home is wanted for such a loved stable favourite.


2018 Oldenburg Gelding





A very promising charismatic young 3yo Oldenburg gelding with top rideability and quality.


A super model in a glossy black coat and standing at a lovely 1.69/1.70m.


He is incredibly enjoyable to ride, suitable for a capable amateur or of course a producer or professional, and has enviable gaits that appear harmonious and supple with a super self carriage and pleasing expression, thus making him incredibly pleasing on the eye.


This fantastic young Oldenburg is the result of exquisite breeding; an extremely exciting pedigree with the combination of the best Dutch & German bloodlines.  Stallions that feature include such as Apache, Furst Romancier, Vivaldi, De Niro, UB40, Furst Heinrich, Donnerhall, Florestan & Krack C.


If you are looking for an exciting young prospect that is charming and of the very best quality with a more than reasonable price tag then contact us about Imperial Symphony.


Transport is available WorldWide with a super set X-rays available upon request.


2017 Stallion by Furst Belissaro


🇩🇪'Fürst Charming' 2017 Stallion by Fürst Belissaro.🇩🇪



A high class son of Furst Belissaro from a proven high-caliber damline with admirable rideabiliy and an exceedingly good temperament.

With his enviable exterior, A glossy bay coat with 4 white socks, he is not only eye catching but he is bred to perform to the highest level. Light on his feet, leggy and modern, a dream package!


With the incredible string of sales horses we currently have on offer some of you maybe questioning “are all these horses really that good?” - answer is YES! And this young stallion is no exception. We have followed this young hanoverian closely for a year or so as he has been carefully nurtured to where he is now, great care and compassion has been taken to ensure this exquisite young talent has the best start to his career.


Although standing around 1.72m (majority of that being legs!) he does not ride too big and will happily look after a more petite rider. (Rider in video is 1.73m). Ideally he requires an owner who will let him grow and mature at his pace. - such a special horse DOES NOT need rushing. He is very special to his current connections and has so much talent it would be very tempting to ask too much too soon but remember ALL GOOD THINGS COME TO THOSE WHO WAIT!


Under saddle he is wanting to please his rider. He is super comfortable and relaxed, No spooky or naughty behaviour. A REAL PLEASURE~ to produce in every way. A gorgeous character makes him a yard favourite and horses like the string we currently offer you are very rare , highly sort after and hard to find!


His sire is the fabulous Furst Belissaro but his motherline stands out - He is very well related; two of his uncles have Grandprix Dressage, in particular the TEAM USA GOLD MEDALIST ‘ROOSEVELT’.


Nothing else needs to be mentioned! - This young well tempered stallion is BRED to perform at the top level.

He can be castrated if required and comes highly recommended for professionals and producers due to his quality and prospect for the future.


It is to note that he had a roarer surgery as a 2yo BUT it is not to hear or considered be clinically significant.


2011 Mare - 4TH LEVEL 





Super easy under saddle; nice and calm and not spooky; the perfect mare for even a weak/nervous amateur.


She provides an exciting opportunity for one lucky capable amateur or professional to obtain a glorious chestnut mare that is ALREADY PLACED IN THE TOP 3 AT LEVEL M / 4TH LEVEL.


This 2011 born chestnut mare has everything you could wish for; standing at a lovely 1.67/1.68m she is stunningly beautiful yet charming and is one that will look after her jockey and happily continue her journey into higher levels with her amazing rideability and trainability.


She is only for sale due to personal owner circumstances and rarely do we come across such fabulous opportunities.



Proudly presenting to you the most incredibly friendly young golden autumn coloured talent.


A 4yo Hanoverian gelding who is Uphill, supple, elastic and elevated in his gaits showing a natural ability for collection.

This young son of Floris prince should be considered by producers and professionals as an investment as a future talent.


His fabulous build means that he stands at a nice 1.64m but being uphill he can accommodate a taller rider also. (The rider I the video is 1.74m)


He has good rideability and although green gives a super feeling to his rider being comfortable and most certainly a quick learner and intelligent.  He is also ridden by a young less experienced jockey at the stables but in our opinion although he is super under saddle we feel in his early years in education he will require a slightly more experienced rider with young horses that can show him guidance and support him and be his ‘chief’ though training.  He is never naughty, doesn’t buck or rear, and once he understands what is required from his jockey he is the most sensational ride and will give you EVERYTHING he has!  


His pedigree contains some of the best stallions in the discipline of Dressage; 













‘FOX TROT’ really is a very exciting young prospect for the future of the sport and should be worth consideration by both professionals, ambitious amateurs and producers alike.

A dreamy temperament and plenty of natural ability for the sport.