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'Lets Dance'

2018 Colt by Le Vivaldi


A strong pedigree matched with the most desirable temperament and luxurious gaits makes this son of Le Vivaldi an exciting prospect as a breeding stallion for future or of course for a ridden career of the highest level.

He stands at 1.70m and like his father is modern and has a wonderful deposition.

His temperament is gorgeous; He is easy and calm in handling to date and shows incredible trainability.

His gaits are just delightful.  As with his sire he has strong movement and a great rhythm through each movement.  He shows a super hingleg, incredible swing through the body and suppleness. He has springs in his heels and is just harmonious to watch.  THIS GUY LITERALLY DANCES!

If you want a glamorous young stallion that has superb potential in the sport and has a super attitude towards life then LETS DANCE should be on your list!

'Bold Venture'

2017 gelding by Borsalino



➡️Proven Pedigree

➡️Eye-catching exterior

➡️Gorgeous rideability

➡️And top quality movements!

This charismatic 3yo Hanoverian known as 'BOLD VENTURE' is one of most exciting investments we have offered this season.

Suitable for ambitious amateurs and certainly an opportunity for producers and professionals.

He stands at 1.67m but due to his very uphill conformation he can carry the taller rider also.

Started around 5 months ago, he is showing excellent rideability and trainability; he is ambitious and keen to learn whilst taking everything superbly in his stride and being forward thinking but non-spooky, quiet and easy.

Bred for top level sport from a successful damline, he has 3 superb basic gaits, expected from his pedigree considering two of his siblings have results at Grand Prix!

He has already shown at the age of just 3 that he has incredible potential for collected work such as piaffe/passage.  He is really is an exciting horse for the future and we genuinely believe he is the entire package for an affordable price considering his credentials.  A sound investment and one of the best horses of this season so far!


2016 Gelding by Vivaldi

By the late great stallion, Vivaldi, this young Oldenburg is certainly a credit to his fabulous sire.

A leggy and modern chestnut gelding standing at around 1.71m.

He is blessed with a super exterior with a great mind and super trainability.

He oozes charism matched with exceptional rideability and and impressive movement, all of which Vivaldi is renowned for stamping on his progeny.

He enjoys his work and is keen to learn. In our opinion he is one to be considered by capable amateurs and of course producers and professionals.

Aswell as a solid sire line he has a splendid decorated damline, His mother is Verb.Pr.St awarded and is relative to licensed stallions, other awarded mares, showjumpers upto 1.30m and numerous Dressage competitors all the way upto Grandprix.

A pleasant gelding with all the credentials required to make him as sound investment for the future.

'Flaunt It'

2018 filly by Furstenball

They say if you got it FLAUNT IT right?!  Well then here she is and she certainly has it!….



An absolutely magnificent 2018 Glossy black filly by Furstenball out of a San Amour x Warkant mother.


This video REALLY REALLY does not do this quality filly any justice at all.

A rising 3yo, this filly is a great investment for someone who wants her for a future breeding programme or certainly for a competitive future.


She is leggy and modern filly standing at 1.70m.  Already, although green to handle of course being only a 2yo, she is incredibly level headed and has taken the whole education process so far extremely well.

Her sire Furstenball is renowned for producing quality well minded offspring and this filly is no exception.


The video does not show her movements, Actually, unlike majority of young stock who need to be rushed and encouraged to show their gaits, this lady is the opposite.  Let her take it in her stride without having to rush her and then you see what she is capable of, Under saddle we expect her to flourish and really only then do I think you’ll see what this lady is capable of.


She well and truly is an investment for the future and I would love for her investor to keep lin contact with us regarding her progress.  I could possibly see big things from this lovely mare.


2016 Oldenburg mare

✨Beautiful glossy chestnut mare that would be the ideal amateurs horse✨


Where do we start with this mare? Well has so many great qualities to her name that I apologise in advance if I miss any off!..

A 4yo branded Oldenburg who stands at 1.71m.

I must mention her strong damline, which in my opinion should make her a candidate for breeders aswell as riders; Her uncle competed successfully at GrandPrix Dressage and it also shows licensed stallions aswell as showjumpers at 1.60m GP and 1.45m.


She is blessed with the most GORGEOUS exterior, as expected as all of our horses are carefully selected.

Her temperament is to die for, if you love mares then this sweetheart is going to be your best friend, and if you dont't love mares then this orange lady will certainly change your mind!

She has super rideability and is lovely and easy which makes her one of the most amateur friendly prospects we currently have available, but if you are a producer do not dismiss her as there is a good investment to be made with this mare and I promise you whomever meets her will LOVE her!

She has 3 good paces; a beautiful length of stride and just a joy to ride. She is green of course, just 4yo still, but she has good trainability and she improves all the time.  Would be interested to see her in a couple of years!

Her pedigree is one that breeders could also show some interest; she carries some of the most influenucial stallion bloodlines including:









World Cup I





With her temperament, exterior, pedigree, and rideability we really believe this mare will be a great investment for someone either by an investor or by finding her forever home.

She really is a joy to have on the yard and will certainly leave a whole when she leaves.

'Der Fuerst'

2017 Stallion by Dankeschon

✨2017 Stallion by Dankeschön (Danone I x Fidermark) x Furst Piccolo x Sandro Hit✨


Extremely excited to present you with this fantastic son of Dankeschön who is blessed with superb rideability and the best quality - He really did inherit many of his fathers traits! A real exciting prospect for the future!

A branded Westphilian that stands at a lovely 1.68m. His wonderful temperament makes him, in our opinion, to be suitable for a capable amateur and lady rider to produce if needed. He is extremely rideable for his age and his stallion behaviour is near non-existent at the moment, hence why he remains a stallion. He can of course be castrated if required.

He has a super temperament and a superb willingness to learn - whomever provides this horse with his next home will be extremely happy.


His movement is fluid and supple. He is blessed with a super hind leg and movement in the shoulder. He has amazing self carriage and really oozes presence already but with a very sound mind.

A elastic trot and a lovely rolling uphill canter make him an exciting candidate for the big arena.


Hi sire, Dankeschön, was a movement artist of special quality and had three outstanding gaits.

In 2010 he was the sovereign 70 day Test Winner in Warendorf with a total index of 127.33. He convinced both the best in dressage (127.03 points), as well as good jumping performance (115.61 points), where he finished 3rd.

Among other things, he received 9.5 for his outstanding temperament and a 9.0 for rideability, crotch, gallop and willingness to perform.

In 2012 Dankeschön participated in the Bundeschampionat of five-year-old dressage horses after finishing 2nd in the riding horse championship in Lingen as a four-year-old. He competed successfully to Intermediare II level in Germany under Henrike Sommer before he was based in the UK full time. Dankeschön continued his training towards competing at Grand Prix, thanks to his easy going temperament and amazing trainability.

Dankeschön’s descendants are extremely successful in riding and dressage horse tests. His offspring in recent years have reached in excess of 100k euro at auction and are in high demand for the quality and incredible temperaments.

He not only passes on his movement and striking looks to his offspring, which he stamps well. He also passes on his superb rideability and wonderful temperament.


This 3yo stallions damline has produced numerous showjumpers and dressage competitors, Awarded mares and a licensed stallion.


This is a wonderful opportunity to own a quality, rideable yet exciting prospect for the future.

His amazing temperament is faultless to date and we are confident his purchaser will be extremely happy.


2016 Gelding by Floris Prince

2016 Hanoverian Gelding by Floris Prince x Rousseau x Davignon


Powerful movement and an outstanding type with a super work ethic.


A charming 4yo chestnut that stands at 1.67m with the most incredible rideability;  He is calm and has a super brain combined with a superb willingness to work. A non-spooky but of course a lovey innocent young man who is inquisitive and always looking to learn new things.


His sire, Floris Price (Floriscount x Prince Thatch xx) successfully completed a fantastic stallion performance test in Adelheidsdorf; with the second highest dressage breeding value of 143 he achieved a score of 9.0 for his trot and for his excellent rideability. The test riders were impressed by his riding comfort and awarded him with top marks. 

With a famous sire like Floriscount, Floris Prince is the ideal descendent. "Princess Lady" expands the pedigree, via the reliable sires Prince Thatch xx and Weltmeyer, with nobility, quality of movement, constant motivation to perform and ample robustness.

This rideability of Floris Prince and his offspring is deeply rooted in the ancestry of Noreja, the dam line from which state stud stallion Rotspon ( Hanoverian Stallion of the Year 2017) originates.  This line is a guarantee for an offspring with strong character and motivation.  Floris Prince is a top-class dressage horse who is passing along his genes and sought after traits.


All in all, in our experience, it is rare you find such a top quality young horse with so much talent with super a great brain for the job - but we do manage to find them through our vigorous criteria!




If you want a quality young talent of outstanding type with a top work ethic then FlashDance is a great candidate.


2016 Gelding by Livaldon

Oh sweet sweet Lullaby….. ❤️


🇩🇪2016 Gelding by Livaldon (Vivaldi x Donnerhall) Out of a state Premium mare by Rotspon x DeNiro🇩🇪


This guy is a firm yard favourite.  A complete DREAM for a capable amateur who wants a good-looking and extremely rideable young horse to produce through the levels.


All the offrspring we have sold by Livaldon to date have had the most incredible temperaments just like their father, and have been firm favourites with their new owners.  This guy is no exception.


An eye-catching glossy chestnut Hanoverian of the most GORGEOUS deposition, Standing at 1.71/1.72m - he is just Dreamy, and has the temperament to match!

He is easy to ride for his age even for the amateur, an absolute true gentleman in all respects, calm and easy by nature and one that every barn should have on their yard.


This 4yo gelding very much resembles the exterior and temperament of his handsome father Livaldon; 

A handsome, tall, liver chestnut with balanced proportions allow this stallion to capture the crowd! His fantastic sloping shoulder provide his offspring with an excellent trot and flowing drive. Furthermore, his movement provides him with an "uphill" canter. Exceptional character traits and an eagerness to work complete this great stallion.

Good traits and disposition make Livaldon a perfect dressage horse. 

Sire Livaldon - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hE66tLWmEWc


All in all I challenge you NOT to fall in love with Lullaby.

Lullaby IS WITHOUT DOUBT someones Dream heart horse!


Stunning looks, gorgeous temperament and a super price.  What is not to love?! 



2009 Mare



(11yo mare standing at 1.71/1.72m)


Owned by the same family since a young horse, This superstar mare should be considered by almost any rider who is ambitious enough to want to take a promising horse Grandprix.  She has already won at Prix St George and is schooling GP at home including piaffe, passage, one tempis etc.  As a young horse this splendid mare had top 5 placements in prestigious World renowned competitions and throughout her life has never disappointed.

She has incredible rideability; at home she can be ridden by almost any rider, even weak amateurs,  with both a snaffle and double bridle.  She is a forward ride who is polite with and incredibly easy with a great work ethic, she certainly has the ability to go to the very top level of the sport.  

Contact us for price and video.

Serious Enquiries only, Substantial price required.




A well tempered and full of personality amateur friendly gelding we whole heartedly believe, that even at 4yo, is suitable for almost any capable rider.


Charming and exquisitely beautiful, this fabulous little guy stands at 1.63m/1.64m. A gorgeous topline, light on his feet and has a lovely canter.


Quality certainly overcomes quantity in this gorgeous hanoverians mareline; His Uncle competes currently at CCI4* Eventing and he has a Licensed cousin. Further down the damline we see jumpers at 1.30m.


A sweet little guy that is suitable for either a capable amateur wanting a young horse to produce who has a great character or a producer who is looking for a sound investment.

(jumping image is of Uncle competing CCI4*)


2017 Mare by Grand Galaxy


Amazing young mare with the most adorable temperament,  This mare is like a puppy! The more attention the better! 

Calm and with a warm heart, this mare will hopefully find her special person she can call her own, BUT if she doesnt I am sure that whomever produces her will have themselves a very very good investment as there is nothing not to like!

She stands at 1.67m but still alot to develop & mature but for this reason is affordable for almost any buyer.

In the video she is unshod so just imagine how she will move with shoes on!

A super bred mare; a daughter of Grand Galaxy WIN and from a state premium mother and whose uncle is a licenced stallion.

The Mareline is littered with competitions upto PSG and licences stallions and awarded mares and even showjumpers upto 1.50m!

If you want a real diamond in the rough with a super temperament and alot of ability then consider Giselle!


2017 Licensed Pony Stallion by Diamond Touch 

TOP QUALITY AND SERIOUSLY GORGEOUS 3yo LICENSED pony stallion standing at 1.46m.

Out of Diamond Touch and a St.Pr.St mother; this incredibly beautiful Dun Westphailian Riding Pony is one of the most striking ponies we have had the pleasure in presenting.



He has just started under saddle and has been a complete joy for the yard to produce to this point.  He is an enjoyable ride and will be a great asset for any stable wanting to produce him to top level or stand him at stud.  He is shown in the video being ridden by an amateur rider.

He boasts great character and to date shows no stallion behaviour, he is even stabled next to a mare in the yard!


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