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🇩🇪‘San Fransisco’ 2017 mare from a fantastic sire and out of a state premium mare🇩🇪


A stunning mare and a real diamond in the rough!💎

An absolute top class prospect that would be suitable for the TOP level of the sport.

She is from a SUPER damline, so maybe also interesting for breeders? She has a licensed uncle who had results upto GrandPrix Dressage, and she also shows in her damline to have licensed cousins and other relatives with results at PSG & Grandprix Dressage.

A really super opportunity for someone to purchase a top quality raw mare that comes with all of the qualities required for a top future sport horse!



A mature, well built leggy and modern Oldenburg passported rising 5yo standing at 1.70/1.71m.


A lovely kind and willing gelding who easy to ride and goes well in a snaffle.  

In our opinion he would thrive with a quiet, non fussy rider as although never naughty and very straight forward he would just appreciate a correct rider.

He is blessed with a super exterior with a great mind and super trainability.


He enjoys his work and is keen to learn. In our opinion he is one to be considered by capable sporty amateurs and of course producers and professionals.


Aswell as a solid sire line he has a splendid decorated damline, His mother is Verb.Pr.St awarded and is relative to licensed stallions, other awarded mares, showjumpers upto 1.30m and numerous Dressage competitors all the way upto Grandprix.


A pleasant gelding with all the credentials required to make him as sound investment for the future.



So excited about this young mare, A REAL DIAMOND IN THE ROUGH in my opinion, Only rising 4yo old and just raw ability.  This is one of those horses that I cannot WAIT to see her in a year or two to see how she is getting on. 


This mare herself has super quality; Light and elegant with a super hind leg and elasticity.

She stands at 1.72m but is not heavy in stature due to her pedigree so could easily be ridden by smaller jockeys with no problem. She is pleasing and easy to handle and in work is proving very willing, easy and calm for her age.  She does require more balance which is noticeable but she is only still a 3yo/4yo and is very much where she would be expected to be in her education having only been under saddle for 2 months.


We also have considered maybe she is also interesting for Eventers? Although from a World renowned Dressage stallion; her TB influenced damline gives her a fabulous 52% TB blood which may also be worth considering for eventers or for the Dressage riders that prefer the more blood horses.

She has a Cousin on her damside that competes at 1.35m jumping with other relatives in the damline with results upto PSG.


Her damsire. The TB stallion Painters Row xx, was the incredibly beautiful stallion who was the Champion Thoroughbred in Denmark and stood with the great breeder Jan Greve.  His quality was also recognised across Europe with him being licensed by Hannovarian, Westfalen, Oldenburg and Rheinlander studbooks.

Painter’s Row has produced a number of International horses including Fraser Duffy’s Nations Cup Eventer, Primus 209, and 1.40m showjumper Painter’s Coco.

His pedigree is mouth-watering; His sire was Breeders Cup Mile Winner, Royal Academy (grand-sire of the super-mare, Black Caviar) who was himself was by the great Triple Crown Winner, Nijinsky II and His dam was by the Derby Winner, Shirley Heights.



This lovely RISING 4yo is a great opportunity for producers to own a good quality horse at a reasonable price and consider her a very solid investment for the future. 


One for the future! 


2012 Mare - 4TH LEVEL 


2011 Mare - 4TH LEVEL 





Super easy under saddle; nice and calm and not spooky; the perfect mare for even a weak/nervous amateur.


She provides an exciting opportunity for one lucky capable amateur or professional to obtain a glorious chestnut mare that is ALREADY PLACED IN THE TOP 3 AT LEVEL M / 4TH LEVEL.


This 2011 born chestnut mare has everything you could wish for; standing at a lovely 1.67/1.68m she is stunningly beautiful yet charming and is one that will look after her jockey and happily continue her journey into higher levels with her amazing rideability and trainability.


She is only for sale due to personal owner circumstances and rarely do we come across such fabulous opportunities.


2015 Hanoverian Mare 

This lovely rising 6yo PREMIUM AWARDED Hanoverian mare is super for an amateur rider or investment for a producer.

A real diamond in the rough and completely charming!!...

It's worth nothing in the start that she has an impressive although small select damline.

Her only brother is a licensed Hanoverian Stallion and other relatives have been seen to compete at upto GrandPrix Dressage and even 1.60m Grandprix Showjumping!

We believe that Samba offers, with some further education, to provide a capable amateur with an exciting opportunity to own a beautiful mare who is brave and pleseant under saddle and being shown ridden by an amateur in the video just to show her rideability.

With her rusty coloured coat and pleasing eye she is one mare that we believe will blossom next spring.

She stands at 1.67m (rider in the video is 1.96m).

She shows lovely elasticity in her stride and I am sure any capable horseman can see the potential that is to be had....


A great price for a beautiful & sweet mare PREMIUM AWARDED mare from a proven damline and whom shows lots of potential for sport in the future.


2017 Westphalian Stallion 

A seductive super model of a Westphailian from a successful damline, then complimented with a charismatic temperament and ease of rideability.


He just makes everyone smile and is fondly loved on the yard.


I would challenge anyone to find a more beautiful young stallion both on the exterior and yet in the interior.  He is of course super looking, with that glorious rich deep glossy chestnut coat but is also super rideable, super comfortable and easy to ride in a snaffle.  He is under saddle now for 3 months and is proving to be well behaved, not yet completely balanced as expected of his age but so incredibly willing with great attitude towards work.


Rudi is built beautifully uphilll and stands at a nice 1.68m.


He has a wonderful pedigree, and is from a competitive and successful damline!…

His uncle was a licensed stallion and competed at Grandprix, whilst 2 other uncles had results at Prix St George!  He also has a cousin that competed at PSG.

Some of the influential stallions in his pedigree include:







World Cup I





To conclude, if you are after a picture perfect super model of a warmblood but want the gentleman attitude and a horse that will bring you so much joy then please consider Rusti!



A very rare opportunity to purchase a FUTURE CHAMPION whom boasts charisma and charm matched with an exquisite exterior. His world class gaits are clarified by the fact he is licensed with the Oldenburg Association.


Noble in appearance with a glossy black coat, standing at 1.66m/1.67m, this is a young handsome stallion that will have any professional excited for both the arena and stud duties. 


He is a wonderful top class Hanoverian with a very friendly character.

Under saddle he is just impressing on every front!.. An incredible hind leg with elevation and suppleness. 

His video must be seen to be appreciated.


Substantial price required as expected of a licensed stallion of his quality.


2016 Oldenburg Mare


An incredibly beautiful 2016 Oldenburg mare that comes from the bloodlines of Sandro Hit & Weltmeyer and out of a Londonderry x Feiner Stern mother.

A stunning type, standing at around 1.69m, with a super attitude and amazing rideability, certainly one for a capable amateur to produce and take through the levels or equally for a producer to take on and have as a sound investment.

A pure pleasure in every single respect! A kind loving and compassionate mare who will certainly try hard to please her new owner.

We have already sold plenty of offspring of her sire who him himself comes from the lines of Sandro Hit & Weltmeyer. He has regularly thrown these stunning types and impeccably characters.

She is from an interesting damline of showjumpers upto 1.45m and also dressage competitors.

We cannot speak highly enough about Seren and she has all the ingredients to make a super young horse for almost any rider.



Proudly presenting to you the most incredibly friendly young golden autumn coloured talent.


A 4yo Hanoverian gelding who is Uphill, supple, elastic and elevated in his gaits showing a natural ability for collection.

This young son of Floris prince should be considered by producers and professionals as an investment as a future talent.


His fabulous build means that he stands at a nice 1.64m but being uphill he can accommodate a taller rider also. (The rider I the video is 1.74m)


He has good rideability and although green gives a super feeling to his rider being comfortable and most certainly a quick learner and intelligent.  He is also ridden by a young less experienced jockey at the stables but in our opinion although he is super under saddle we feel in his early years in education he will require a slightly more experienced rider with young horses that can show him guidance and support him and be his ‘chief’ though training.  He is never naughty, doesn’t buck or rear, and once he understands what is required from his jockey he is the most sensational ride and will give you EVERYTHING he has!  


His pedigree contains some of the best stallions in the discipline of Dressage; 













‘FOX TROT’ really is a very exciting young prospect for the future of the sport and should be worth consideration by both professionals, ambitious amateurs and producers alike.

A dreamy temperament and plenty of natural ability for the sport.


2016 Gelding by Livaldon

Oh sweet sweet Lullaby….. ❤️


🇩🇪2016 Gelding by Livaldon (Vivaldi x Donnerhall) Out of a state Premium mare by Rotspon x DeNiro🇩🇪


This guy is a firm yard favourite.  A complete DREAM for a capable amateur who wants a good-looking and extremely rideable young horse to produce through the levels.


All the offrspring we have sold by Livaldon to date have had the most incredible temperaments just like their father, and have been firm favourites with their new owners.  This guy is no exception.


An eye-catching glossy chestnut Hanoverian of the most GORGEOUS deposition, Standing at 1.71/1.72m - he is just Dreamy, and has the temperament to match!

He is easy to ride for his age even for the amateur, an absolute true gentleman in all respects, calm and easy by nature and one that every barn should have on their yard.


This 4yo gelding very much resembles the exterior and temperament of his handsome father Livaldon; 

A handsome, tall, liver chestnut with balanced proportions allow this stallion to capture the crowd! His fantastic sloping shoulder provide his offspring with an excellent trot and flowing drive. Furthermore, his movement provides him with an "uphill" canter. Exceptional character traits and an eagerness to work complete this great stallion.

Good traits and disposition make Livaldon a perfect dressage horse. 

Sire Livaldon - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hE66tLWmEWc


All in all I challenge you NOT to fall in love with Lullaby.

Lullaby IS WITHOUT DOUBT someones Dream heart horse!


Stunning looks, gorgeous temperament and a super price.  What is not to love?! 


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