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2017 Gelding by Benicio

The Crème De La Crème....


When you look up the definition of 'Charisma' this geldings name should almost certainly appear! -

'Compelling attractiveness or charm that can inspire devotion in others'.  

Yes this gelding is text book.

Almost stallion like in his appearance; this classy 4yo oldenburg gelding stands at around 1.70m.


This son of the fantastic Benicio is extremely rideable and would suit a variety of riders from ambitious amateurs to professionals.

Graced with undeniable presence, a fabulous length of stride and equally good hind leg, he also provides suppleness and elasticity; super ingredients for the making of a serious dressage prospect.

Blizzard is light and soft in the hand with admirable self carriage.  A really enjoyable ride.


When thinking about performance his pedigree is no exception, it includes the likes of Benicio, Bellissimo M, San Amour, Velten Third, Sandro Hit, & Donnerschwee.



Blizzard is undeniably one of the most attractive young horses we have offered to date!

With his stellar good looks, world class ability & pedigree and charming personality are very confident he will find super home quickly.



2018 Stallion by Martinez

⭐️2018 Hanoverian son of Martinez (Millennium x Laurentio)⭐️


A fabulous grandson to the world-renowned stallion Millennium and out of mother carrying the bloodlines of Donnerhall.

‘MADE IN GERMANY’ stand at 1.69/1.70m and is almost a vision of his sire Martinez. Classy and elegant, he oozes quality and charisma. Charming, just like his father, both in handling and under saddle.

So far he is proving incredibly rideable and shows a great attitude towards his work. Just like his father he has 3 excellent paces and should appeal to capable amateurs to producers and professionals.


Standing tall in style, his father Martinez, himself a son of the Trakehner Millennium, is equipped with the finest character and is extremely capable of performance. It is clear to see where ‘MADE IN GERMANY’ obtained his charm - his father himself is both charming and beaming with charisma. Like father like son - Both are light-footed with sublime movement quality and shows convincing rideability. Both are also complete gentleman in a beautiful, chocolate brown color. Martinez convinces every day with its smooth gaits and the uncomplicated, yet committed work attitude. He was able to master his 14-day test with flying colours after only a short time under the saddle and also the required sports test was easy for him.


“MADE IN GERMANY’ is an almost perfect young stallion in a class of its own as an exciting Dressage stallion and competition prospect.

2018 Stallion by Destano

Honestly one of the calmest, bravest and most straight forward 3yos we have EVER offered!  


Very rarely would we recommend a young horse, especially his age, for amateur to produce purely down to their age and inexperience but this horse is just delightful and easy and really for anyone looking for a trainable and quality prospect.


He was started in February and is thus far proving to be forward thinking, easy in the snaffle and comfortable.


He stands at 1.66m/1.67m and he is of course still a baby in development so is yet to grasp the full potential that his body and ability has to offer but he is showing 3 equally very elastic gait with a great rhythm and super hind leg.


His attitude towards life and work makes him the most ideal candidate we could wish to offer for riders from amateurs to professionals and producers. He does have the most incredible trainability and temperament but please do not that the away from his quality, this is a super young horse for the future.


A real pleasure in the barn and although a stallion can be worked and stabled alongside mares, even in breeding season, for this reason he can be castrated but we do not necessarily feel it is necessary.


His pedigree includes the likes of;















If you are looking for a trainable, happy, potential stable favourite who has quality and enough ability to easily go up through the levels then please consider Dexter.

Top loving homes must only apply!!❤️

2017 Mare by D'Egalite 



A true image of perfection and totally suitable for majority of riders from capable amateurs to professionals.


🏆A 4yo premium awarded Granddaughter of Don Juan De Hus from an incredibly successful damline🏆


Desperanza is beautiful glossy black 2017 born Oldenburg Mare by D’Egalite, from a State premium mother whose bloodline boasts no less than 9 relatives that have jumped at 1.60m showjumping, 4 at PSG and even one at CC1* eventing.🥇


This mare is bred for her capabilities and should be an asset for competition and then breeding in future. Leggy and refined, a true picture of perfection in a super models outfit. Her quality and class have already been recognised with a Premium Award in her mare test.🏵


She stands at a graceful 1.64/1.65m although she can easily carry a 1.86m rider.

Started in February this year and proving to be very balanced, with a super hind leg and under saddle extremely rideable and absolutely suitable for a capable amateur looking for a genuine and honest mare who is inquisitive and enjoys to work, that being said she also would be a super investment for a producer.


Her damline is strong and incredibly successful, with numerous relatives jumping upto 1.60m and 9 of them that have contested the highest level in showjumping. Other relatives have competed successful upto PSG and in eventing.


What is not to like? She’s premium awarded, beautiful, elegant, has an inquisitive genuine baby temperament, top rideability and from a World class proven bloodline.

A complete Dream!



A handsome glossy Bay 7yo Hanoverian Gelding who stands at 1.65m.


This incredibly handsome and well put together 7yo is suitable for a capable amateur looking for a safe and capable prospect to take up through to higher levels or ultimately more than capable of a horse for the producer/professional that wants a sound investment with a horse that shows alot of potential for the demanding movements at the higher levels.


Quebec has always ridden by our resident amateur rider who produced him herself.

He is a quick learner and is super easy and calm, non spooky, very rideable and comfortable. He really is the dream to ride! Oh and doesn't mind umbrellas for a rainy day as shown in the video!

He shows alot of potential for collected work and with his trainability could also easily learn piaffe passage etc.


His attitude makes him super accommodating and forgiving for amateur riders, yet he is forward and trainable enough for the professional to ask him more demanding questions.

Has been placed as a 5yo at 2nd level, please remember that Coronavirus has put a big halt on outings so he has been unshown since but has maintained his work level and education and is ready to get back out competing.

In our opinion this is a horse to develop through to more advanced work, and was not for the short term young horse classes. A great prospect.


So if you want a horse thats a pleasure to have on the yard in every respect, is easy and straight forward and incredibly charming, has a great attitude towards his work and loves to learn, is super handsome and well bred then DO NOT pass on Quebec. He really is the absolute dream!