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2019 Gelding by Furst Jazz

⚜️‘Fools Gold’ by Furst Jazz (Furst Romanicer x Painted Black)⚜️

🇩🇪2019 Gelding 




⭐️Delightful, rideable with an amazing expression and ability to perform.⭐️


A compelling chestnut gelding by the phenomenal International Dressage Stallion ‘Furst Jazz’ (Furst Romancier x Painted Black)

This rising 4yo is from  an El.St.PR Mare and brother to competitors upto PSG, so he is bred to perform at the serious end of the sport.


Apart from his drop deal gorgeous exterior, he is blessed with only what is expected of our horses; rideability and temperament.

His scrumptious and delightful expression is reflected in his easy temperament, he is suitable for a capable amateur who is ambitious in their achievements and also producers & Professionals.

His gaits are fluent and ground covering with fantastic use of his body, being balanced and light.


A really really pleasant horse with a serious amount of ability and one someone will enjoy producing.🤍

2019 Gelding by Dante Junior (Dante Weltino)





🇩🇪'Deluxe Dream’ By Dante's Junior (Dante Weltino)

🇩🇪2019 Gelding



A top quality rising 4yo gelding that does not only come from a sublime bloodline but boasts the most EXCEPTIONAL GAITS and TOP RIDEABILITY.


His dam, who is appropriately awarded Elite status, must be one of the most successful mares in breeding! She has produced some exceptional World class Competition horses, majority of which are licensed and competing at top level sport.  


He has that certain charisma and is of course absolutely beautiful but yet a sweet innocence about him.

The lovely young gelding has already won under saddle on competition and is proving easy in the snaffle, light and balanced. A truely first class ride!


To own a grandson of Dante Weltino and a brother to a GP superstar; What more can you ask for?!


One for professionals or capable amateurs who want a horse that overall package is a rarity.

A truly exciting opportunity to own an impressive future super star.



2018 Gelding by Stobier

🏆‘SOVEREIGN HEIGHTS’ by Stobier (Sandro Hit x Weltmeyer)🏆

🇩🇪2018 Gelding




An extremely capable chestnut gelding who would benefit from experienced hands to fulfil his optimum potential.

This quality young Rheinlander is a son of a state premium mother and whose brother competes Advanced Medium, further down the dam line Grandprix competitors are seen.

He has been under saddle 8 months, so would be considered green for his age possibly as rising 5yo, BUT his education has been quality and thorough and through this period he has been considered one for the more capable rider who is used to producing young horses. It is noted that he is NOT NAUGHTY, he is forward off the leg and willing with BIG movement. Active and enthusiastic to learn, this is a horse who likes to be kept on his toes and thieves off a work regime.

A professional or experienced producer would LOVE producing this horse, he is motivated and awaiting your next instruction. He can almost appear a bit tense in the start but that is mainly due to his greenness and enthusiasm for the job and life in general.

It will be very exciting to see where this young chap can go in future and we would love to see where he is as a 6yo.


⭐️A serious consideration for the more advanced rider who enjoys producing young horses.⭐️

2019 Gelding by Fair Game (Furst Wilhelm)

🤍‘FANTOM’ by Fair Game (Furst Wilhelm)🤍

🖤2019 Gelding

❤️DSP (German Sports Horse)



Oh our dear sweet Fantom…. This youthful & unique gelding is just the definition of the innocent juvenile.


By the gorgeous 9yo Black stallion Fair Game (Furst Wilhelm) and 

from a state premium awarded mother by Millennium x Sir Oldenburg and from a dam line that has produced numerous successful Dressage competitors, including his uncle that has results at GrandPrix.


Ambitious Amateurs??!!!!…….He is cool and calm in almost any situation and although of course he is bred a performance horse, he is one that we would happily recommend for an ambitious amateurs to produce. My oh my…..he oozes elasticity and suppleness, he is not the sharpest of the mark, he is not stupid but we wouldn’t deem him as hot or sharp which to almost 80% of our clientele is perfect! He is would likely settle wonderfully into a private home where he can be loved and enjoyed. Do not take that away from his obvious talent, you could easily produce this horse on a serious programme in a few years once he has fully matured, but we feel like he would thrive with a big hearted owner. That is what he deserves.


A mere 9 weeks under saddle, this young fellow is not considered spooky by any means, yes will take a little look but unless you are looking for a rocking horse it is nothing out of the ordinary. He is extremely genuine and his rawness simply adds to his appeal.

With his enviable leggy and modern physique he has been produced slowly and considerately to be sensitive to his growth and maturity.


A truly truly wonderful and unique young rising 4yo who is sure to capture someones heart!

2019 Mare by Valverde