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2017 Mare by Furstenball

🇩🇰🐎‘FAIR MAIDEN’ by Furstenball x Romanov x BH Don Schufro!🐎🇩🇰

🇩🇰2017 Mare 


🇩🇰Danish Warmblood

🇩🇪Stabled in Germany 

A wonderful daughter of the World renowned ‘Furstenball’ (Furst Heinrich x Donnerhall) out of a dam by the Grandprix stallions Romanov x Don Schufro!


This courteous and gentle 5yo mare shows many characteristics of her sire, from her rideability to appearance.  She herself just like Furstenball is a very dark bay, almost black in appearance, with a delightful refined head, and she is proving enjoyable and genuine under saddle, rideability that is sure to suit that of a capable amateur looking for a sweet straight forward young mare.


She started her education last Autumn, as a 4yo, and has been produced slowly and carefully to be sympathetic to her age and to keep her forward in her mind and attitude.

If we were to be SUPER critical we would note that her connection in the bridle needs to be a bit better established but you cannot ask much more at this level of education.  Again that is us being critical with our strict criteria we expect from our horses.

In movement she is light and elastic just like her sire and she is always feeling forward with has her ears pricked looking for what’s next.  A really lovely feeling for her rider.


To conclude, we feel this Danish wonderful mare would thrive with a loving empathic rider who wants an amateur friendly horse to produce and enjoy the journey.  Suit to someone who she can build a bond with.



2019 Mare by Furst Belissaro

‘FANTASY LANE’ by Furst Belissaro

🖤2019 mare






They say the eye is the Window to the soul… need I say more with this captivating mare.

A true beauty in every single way, in body, mind & soul. For those who are not mare lovers… This Devine beauty will turn you, I PROMISE!

We have additional stable/behind the scenes short videos, as we do with the majority of her horses, just showing her easy going temperament, you have to remind yourself she is just a 3yo! A lovely calm and easy going mind on a set of young shoulders, just what is expected of a Furst Belissaro daughter.


Whilst her mind and temperament will make you think twice about her young age, her physical development is still ongoing. She is a light, elegant mare, she will never be a heavy type but she does have some filling out to do as with almost every 3yo.  


As you have probably already grasped, she is easy in almost every respect; she loads on a trailer alone with no questions and travels wonderfully. She is easy enough to wash down, and you could leave her standing in the yard without even considering tying her up (and yes I also have proof of this on video ;)).


She was started a couple pop months ago under saddle, slowly and carefully. She is proving to have one of the best rideabilities; forward and off the leg, the ‘GOLDEN MIDDLE’ as we call it. She is light in the hand, very balanced considering her lack of education and a wonderful feeling for her point in education.


She is such an easy going horse that can turnout out daily and can easily fall into a private home enjoying a normal leisure/competitive career. Really one for the capable amateur, a producer or a professional. We would all love her to fall into a lifetime home as this is what a beautiful horse like this mare deserves.


Oh, to top it off she is from a State Premium mother by Worldly x Wolkenstein II and her auntie competes PSG.


Sound too good to be true?!… NOPE! You can buy a Unicorn, they can be found if you look hard enough.